One of our top priorities is training children to grow up to become fully devoted followers of Christ. In Kid City and Tiny Town we have dedicated ourselves to create a plan that we hope will guide them toward this goal.

Check In / Out

Check-in is required for children’s activities.

Check-in for all ages takes place at the north entrance of the Children’s building (under the drive-through canopy).  New families fill out an information card for their child(ren) which includes information that will help us reach the parents if the need arises during the activity. Parent/guardian also receive a check-out pass that will help ensure the safety of the children.

Each guest child will receive a name tag that will help our Kid City and Tiny Town teams connect with the children by name. (First time families are welcome to take a tour of our Kid City / Tiny Town facilities)

Parents/guardian will pick up their children from their classroom/children’s church room immediately after every service.

Sunday Ministries


Location: Main Building on the East Wing. Age: (birth – 2 year old)

When parents bring their babies and toddlers to the nursery, they are requested to sign-in and a number is issued to the parent. If a problem occurs during the service with a child in the nursery, a display will flash in the auditorium to inform parents that their assistance is needed in the nursery.

Immediately following service dismissal, parents are encouraged to pick up their children from the nursery attendants.

Kid City & Tiny Town

Location: Candy Shop (3-5yr)  /  Kids Theatre (K-5th) Age: (Age 3 – 5th grade)

You will love the motif of our children’s building. It is built and laid out with a Main Street that runs the length of the building and each room is named after various businesses that comprise any town. (Bank, Bakery, Dance Studio, Ice Cream Parlor, Playground, etc.)

Children are divided into two age groups: Tiny Town is for the younger children that are 3-, 4- and 5-years old that are not in kindergarten. They meet in the east end of the building in the Candy Shop.

Kid City is for the older children that are in kindergarten through 5th grade. They meet in the Kids Theatre at the west end of the building.


Wednesday Programs

The programs listed below are available for children each Wednesday night at 7 PM



Preschool children between the ages of 3-5 (not yet in kindergarten).

MPact Girls

Daisies – Kindergarten Prims – 1st & 2nd grade Stars – 3rd -5th grade   *Rainbows and Mpact girls meet in the children’s building that is directly behind (south) of the main building.   

Royal Rangers (Boys)

Kindergarten – 5th grade   Royal Rangers meet in the huts that are located at the southwest corner of the campus. Follow the west entrance driveway to the back of the property.

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